Administrator’s Guide

Traffic Control is distributed in source form for the developer, but also as a binary package. This guide details how to install and configure a Traffic Control CDN using the binary packages, as well as how to perform common operations running a CDN.

When installing a complete CDN from scratch, a sample recommended order is:

  1. Traffic Ops DB (PostgreSQL)

  2. InfluxDB [Optional]

  3. Traffic Vault (PostgreSQL or Riak) [Optional]

  4. Fake Origin [Optional]

  5. Traffic Ops

  6. Traffic Portal

  7. Initial Traffic Ops Dataset Setup [if applicable]

  8. Traffic Monitor

  9. Apache Traffic Server Mid-Tier Caches

  10. Apache Traffic Server Edge-Tier Caches

  11. Grove [Optional]

  12. Traffic Router

  13. InfluxDB-relay [Optional]

  14. Traffic Stats [Optional]

Once everything is installed, you will need to configure the servers to talk to each other. You will also need Origin server(s), from which the Mid-Tier Cache(s) will obtain content. An Origin server is simply an HTTP(S) server which serves the content you wish to cache on the CDN.