Environment Creation

Apache Traffic Control is a complex set of components to construct a functional CDN. To help users get started more quickly, two paths exist to help based on the audience and needs. These tools are optional and administrators may use whatever means are at their disposal to perform their deployments.

CDN-in-a-Box (CIAB)

Audience for CIAB

  • Developers who need a local full-stack to aid in development using Docker

  • A common platform for developers to write tests against and executed by a CI system

  • New users who are learning how a CDN using Apache Traffic Control works

  • Functional demonstrations

Ansible-based Lab Deployment

Audience for Ansible-based Lab Deployment

  • DevOps engineers building more production-like lab environments

  • DevOps engineers building an initial greenfield production environment

  • Developers who need test environments that cannot be modeled on local resources