Compare Profiles

In Traffic Portal all users can compare the Parameters of any 2 Profiles side-by-side, and users with a higher level Role (“operations” or “admin”) can easily add or remove parameters from each profile as necessary.

The ability to compare 2 profiles can be found under Configure ‣ Profiles ‣ More ‣ Compare Profiles

A screenshot of the "Compare Profiles" menu item

Fig. 40 The “Compare Profiles” menu item

Once you have selected the Compare Profiles menu item, you will be asked to choose 2 profiles to compare.

A screenshot of the "Compare Profiles" dialog

Fig. 41 The “Compare Profiles” dialog

All parameters exclusively assigned to one profile but not the other will be displayed by default with their profile membership displayed side-by-side. In addition, by selecting the Show Shared Params link, the user can see a superset of all parameters (shared and not shared) across the 2 profiles. Both views provide users with higher level permissions (“operations” or “admin”) the ability to easily remove or add parameters for each profile and persist the final state of both profiles (or restore the original state and discard changes). As the user makes changes, a blue shadow is added to all modified checkboxes.

A screenshot of the "Compare Profiles" table

Fig. 42 The “Compare Profiles” table