Configure Delivery Service Steering

  1. Create two target Delivery Services in Traffic Portal. They must both be HTTP Delivery Services that are part of the same CDN.

    Table of Target Delivery Services

    Fig. 48 Target Delivery Services

  2. Create a Delivery Service with Type STEERING or CLIENT_STEERING in Traffic Ops.

    Delivery Service Creation Page for STEERING Delivery Service

    Fig. 49 Creating a STEERING Delivery Service

  3. Click More ‣ View Targets and then use the blue + button to assign targets.

    Table of STEERING Targets

    Fig. 50 STEERING Targets

  4. If desired, a ‘steering’ Role user can create filters for the target Delivery Services using steering/{{ID}}/targets


    This is only available via the Traffic Ops API; no functionality for manipulating steering targets is offered by Traffic Portal. This feature has been requested and is tracked by GitHub Issue #2811

  5. Any requests to Traffic Router for the steering Delivery Service should now be routed to target Delivery Services based on configured weight or order.


This example assumes that the Traffic Ops instance is running at to.cdn.local and the administrative username and password are admin and twelve, respectively. This is not recommended in production, but merely meant to replicate the default CDN in a Box environment!