List all ASNS


Auth. Required:Yes
Roles Required:None
Response Type:Object
Response Properties
Key Type Description
asns array of asn objects A collection of asns
asn Properties
Key Type Description
lastUpdated string The Time / Date this server entry was last updated
id integer Local unique identifier for the ASN
asn integer Autonomous System Numbers per APNIC for identifying a service provider
cachegroup string Related cachegroup name
cachegroupId integer Related cachegroup name
Response Example
 "response": {
                "asns": [
                                        "lastUpdated": "2012-09-17 21:41:22",
                                        "id": 27,
                                        "asn": 7015,
                                        "cachegroup": "us-ma-woburn",
                                        "cachegroupId": 2
                                        "lastUpdated": "2012-09-17 21:41:22",
                                        "id": 28,
                                        "asn": 7016,
                                        "cachegroup": "us-pa-pittsburgh",
                                        "cachegroupID": 3