Default Profiles

Traffic Ops has the concept of Parameters and Profiles, which are an integral component of Traffic Ops. To get started, a set of default Traffic Ops profiles are provided. These can be imported into Traffic Ops, and are required by the Traffic Control components Traffic Router, Traffic Monitor, and Apache Traffic Server (Edge-tier and Mid-tier caches). Download Default Profiles from here

Minimum Traffic Ops Profiles Needed

  • EDGE_ATS_version_platform_PROFILE.traffic_ops
  • MID_ATS_version_platform_PROFILE.traffic_ops
  • EDGE_GROVE_PROFILE.traffic_ops


Despite that these have the .traffic_ops extension, they use JSON to store data. If your syntax highlighting doesn’t work in some editor or viewer, try changing the extension to .json.


These profiles will likely need to be modified to suit your system. Many of them contain hardware-specific parameters and parameter values.

Steps to Import a Profile

  1. Sign into Traffic Portal
  2. Navigate to Configure ‣ Profiles
  3. Click on More ‣ Import Profile
  4. Drag and drop your desired profile into the upload pane
  5. Click Import
  6. Continue these steps for each of the Minimum Traffic Ops Profiles Needed.